10 Amazing Houses With Saltwater Pools

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When it comes to choosing a pool for your home, you don’t have to get a traditional chlorinated one. For some inspiration, here are ten amazing houses with salt water pools:

  1. This amazing home in the Hollywood Hills is equipped with a gorgeous saltwater pool. The property also boasts a hot tub illuminated with LED lights.
  2. Nestled on six acres of farmland, this stone house has a saltwater pool and incredible views of the landscape around it. The best part: You don’t have to buy the home because it’s available on Airbnb.
  3. Another amazing property available on Airbnb is this Palm Springs home. There’s a saltwater pool that, according to the owner, gets sun all year round.
  4. Looking to take a trip to Barbados? Why not stay in this beautiful property complete with a saltwater pool? If the saltwater pool wasn’t enough, this place also has a waterfall. Talk about incredible water features!
  5. In Kissimmee, Florida you’ll find a small gated community with mediterranean style homes. This four bedroom villa has a saltwater pool, perfect for taking a dip in the hot Florida sun.
  6. In Langley, B.C., you can take advantage of this chateau that hosts its own private lake and saltwater pool. The property also has a tennis court and the master bedroom takes up the entire third floor!
  7. When you think of Idaho, you probably think of potatoes and not gorgeous homes with saltwater pools. Think again. This sprawling, rustic estate has modern amenities and of course, a saltwater pool.
  8. Just outside of Toronto, Ontario, lies a modest (well, as modest as a 3,000 square foot, five bedroom home can be) property complete with a saltwater pool.
  9. The Green House Inn, deep in the heart of New Orleans, has a saltwater pool and hot tub for guests to use. After you’ve enjoyed a meal of oysters and shrimp po’boys, go for a dip in the serene blue waters.
  10. Who can resist this gorgeous Raleigh, North Carolina home? This place boasts a saltwater pool and a mineral bath hot tub for relaxing in.


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