10 Trendy Swimming Pool Water Feature Ideas

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Swimming pool water features give your pool a touch of class. There are many different types of swimming pool water features that you can choose from. Each is customizable and works with most pools. There’s the sheetfall structure which flows in the shape of an arc into the pool. There are traditional rock waterfalls that are made to resemble natural rock formations. There are rain curtains which fall straight down into the pool to make a tropical lagoon effect. Jets, bubblers and gushers are another type of swimming pool water feature that shoot a thin water spray into the air and fit into the shallow end of the pool. Finally, there are scuppers, a hole that lets water flow into the pool, creating a soothing sound and visual appeal.

If you’re looking for inspiration for possible swimming pool water features, try any of these ten trendy ones:

  1. For something more complex, this waterfall feature will do the trick:

  2. Rock swimming pool water features bring nature to you, like in this outdoor oasis:

  3. Simple, modern, elegant, that’s what you get with this feature:

  4. So gorgeous yet so simple, this water feature will illuminate your backyard pool:

  5. Who says fire and water don’t mix? Add a firepit to your water feature to create warmth, as displayed by this poolside refuge:

  6. Looking for a water feature that lives beside your swimming pool and not in it? Look no further than this poolside fountain:

  7. Sometimes you want to give your home a spa-like quality. Do this in style with this incredible rainfall-inspired water feature:

  8. Gardens can be incorporated into swimming pool water features to give your backyard a colourful burst:

  9. Maybe you like things simple without the bells and whistles of a waterfall? Try this chic feature that creates little geysers in your pool:

  10. Don’t let the size of your pool deter you from getting a water feature. Look to this beautiful structure for inspiration:

Swimming pool water features are luxurious and dramatic, and the sound of water falling into your pool creates a sense of relaxation like no other.



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