3 Fun Pool Games For Kids

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If you have the pleasure of owning a custom swimming pool, it is most likely the central focus of your summer life. This is especially true if you have kids, or even if you just have friends and family with kids. You can really make a kid’s summer if you have a swimming pool, and even more so if you know some fun pool games they can play. Whether for a birthday party, or simply to liven up a summer afternoon, below are three fun pool games that will make a big splash with the kids this summer.

Dolphin or Mermaid Races

This is really quite a simply game. The kids start from one end of the pool and see who can swim the longest while holding their breath under water. It’s not a race (so the smaller children won’t be intimidated by the older children), it’s an individual competition against yourself, so everyone can play, and everyone can feel good about competing.

Marco Polo

This is one of the old classics that even the adults might want to get in on. One person is designated as the “marco” and the others are the “polos.” The player who yells out “marco” must have their eyes closed while they swim around the pool with their hands outstretched looking for the other players. As they call out “marco,” the other players must answer with “polo,” thereby giving away their position. The player calling out “marco” then tries to find them with his or her hands (without looking) and the players calling back “polo” must try to avoid the player searching for them. Classic fun.

Noodle Jousting

This is a great way to divide the pool users up into teams and add a level of fun, and more importantly, safe, physicality to a game. Noodle jousting is exactly what it sounds like. Players in teams grab pool noodles and come at one another in an attempt to knock the other team off their raft into the water.

The custom pool itself is the star attraction, but adding some inventive and fun games into the mix can really make the entire summer for the kids. Whether they are old games or new ones, just having something for the kids to do in the pool is not only a thrill for them, but it can also give the adults some time to catch up, have a drink and take in the summer scenery without having to cater to the kids all the time.



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