3 Reasons Your Pool’s Water Is Cloudy

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Cloudy swimming pools can turn even the most elegant, luxurious and inviting pool into something that nobody would want to get within ten feet of. Cloudiness in your pool, unfortunately, is relatively common. The good news, however, is that the reason for the cloudiness is typically easy to diagnose, or at least narrow down, and if you can’t figure it out on your own, a swimming pool maintenance service will be able to easily diagnose it for you. If you are experiencing cloudiness in your pool, below are three reasons that the water might appear that way.

Your Pool Chemicals

If your pools chemistry is not balanced, it can create cloudiness. Things like high alkalinity, too much or too little chlorine or other pool sanitizers, an overly high pH and high calcium hardness levels could be to blame. If you don’t have the right chemical balance in your pool, excess particles can multiply and congregate in the water, creating the cloudy appearance you see.

Bad Filter

Most people who employ a swimming pool maintenance service don’t have to worry about cloudiness for this reason, because making sure your filter is always up and running is one of their main concerns. However, if your filter has stopped working, or you are not running it for the recommend time every day (8-10 hours, depending on the size of the pool), your water is going to get cloudy. Your pool water needs to be cleaned and filtered on a daily basis, and not doing so is a recipe for murky water.

The Environment

Sometimes, the reasons behind the cloudiness are environmental. If you talk to a good swimming pool maintenance service company, they will tell you that as a pool owner, you are going to constantly have to clean the surrounding environment of any debris that could potentially fall into the pool, or is already falling into the pool. Sometimes, the environmental issue causing your cloudiness might not even be under your control. Bird droppings, abnormal amounts of pollen and dust from adjacent construction sites can all contaminate your pool, and your options for stopping those things from muddying up your pool are limited.

Being a swimming pool owner means occasionally having to address common swimming pool problems like cloudiness. If you don’t want to have to keep up with these problems yourself, you can always hire a swimming pool maintenance service to assist you, but if you keep the above contributing factors in mind, you can respond accordingly when cloudiness strikes your pool.



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