4 Trendy Pools Toys For Summer

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Custom swimming pools require trendy toys, it’s only right. If you are a pool owner and are wondering what new and exciting toys you can stock your pool with this summer, there are always new trends in pool toys coming and going. Below are four trendy pool toys for this year that you can use to get the pool party started this summer.

The Doughnut

Spend a few minutes on Instagram searching for pools or pool parties and one of the most recurring images you are likely to see is of the doughnut floatie with a bite taken out of it. This fun, trendy, custom swimming pool toy is a great addition to any pool, and any summer pool party. With it’s Simpsons-esque aesthetic, it is sure to delight pool-goers young and old.

Ride Ons

Ride on animals like swans and unicorns are also very trendy. They are especially well-suited for younger pool-goers who like to play and splash around while they are in the pool and aren’t necessarily thinking about kicking back with a drink and soaking up the sun. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes, but ride on animals are definitely all the rage.

Group Floaties

Group floaties are another recurring theme you will see if you search social media for trendy pool parties this summer. Big floating toys with multiple seats and drink-holders so that friends and family can all chill in the water together are a really popular pool feature this summer, and one that is not to be missed. They really do bring people together, quite literally.

Floating Drink Holders

If you don’t want to be on a floating toy in the pool this summer, but you still want to be able to go in the water with a drink in hand, a floating drink holder is a great way to accomplish both of those things. They are basically little buoys with a space for a beer or a cocktail, so that you can get in there and play Marco Polo while still being able to take a sip of an ice cold drink when you want.

Getting that custom swimming pool look just right means getting the trendy toys that your friends and family are really going to love. If you are planning on entertaining this summer, and the pool is the star of that party, make sure you have the trendy toys that everyone is going to love playing with, and more importantly, uploading pictures of.



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