4 Types Of Finishes For Your Gunite Pool

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Gunite pools are quickly becoming the next generation of swimming pool. The reason that so many people are switching over to gunite is because it allows for the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes time to choosing a finish. Many companies that sell swimming pool resurfacing products and services are using gunite in order to enhance a remodel end result. If you are curious about why gunite pools are so popular, below are four types of finishes for your gunite pool that might help you to understand.

Aggregate Pool Finishes

Today’s modern pools overwhelmingly use aggregate pool finishes in place of pool plaster because it is more durable and generally just looks nicer. These finishes contain tiny pebbles and stones to give the finish a more natural or rustic look. There is nothing like stepping into a pool that looks and feels like you are stepping into a natural spring or river.


One of the best things about tile is that it tends to outlast the competition. They take a while to install, but you will be happy you had the patience when you see just how much wear and tear these finishes are able to stand up to. They come in plain, classic Greek, diamond patterning and even different mosaic patterning to give each finish option a unique look.


Quartz is one of, if not the most, expensive pool finish, but for good reason: it looks and feels incredible. The texture is silky smooth, and when it catches the light, it makes the bottom of the pool reflective. Your gunite pool is instantly transformed into a jewel with quartz finishing.

Glass Beading

Glass beads are also able to create a shiny, glimmering look for your gunite pool, and are a fairly new addition to the pool finishes market. The features of glass beading are that it creates a seamless look, comes in a wide variety of colours, and along with quartz, is really unmatched when it comes to elegance. Don’t let the “glass” tag fool you. This finish is actually incredibly durable.

Choosing the right finish for your gunite pool means evaluating exactly what look you are hoping to achieve. Do you want something that is going to stand the test of time, while looking gorgeous? Or do you simply want something functional that is going to do the job without a lot of glamour? Whatever you end up deciding, keep the above gunite pool finishes in mind and build the perfect backyard water feature.



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