5 Benefits Of Installing Your Pool In The Winter

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Most people want to jump in their backyard pools as soon as the hot weather hits. Depending on how rough of a winter it is and where you live, that hot weather can start as early as May. If you wait until it’s warm out to install your pool, you won’t be able to swim in it as soon as the temperature rises. However, if you install your pool in the winter, when that hot weather hits, you’ll be able to jump in and cool off right away. There are numerous benefits to installing your pool in the winter.

  1. There’s No Waiting Time

    If you wait until it warms up to install your pool, you won’t be the first. In fact, you won’t be the second or third either. Winter is a quiet season for pool installations and if you schedule construction anytime between September and March, you’re guaranteed to avoid delays, material unavailability and wait times. Plus, your pool will be ready for use the moment it gets warm outside.

  2. Take Advantage of Sales

    Everyone wants their pool installed in the summer, which creates more demand and increased costs for labor and materials. In the winter, there’s less demand, allowing you to tap into sales and savings. Many pool installers offer incredible deals in the wintertime because they have excess materials and more time on their hands. If you’re looking to receive the same quality workmanship you would in the summer but at a lower price, install your pool in the winter.

  3. Better Working Conditions

    Working outside in the hot sun can cause dehydration, heat stroke and diminished working performance. The people installing your pool will work quicker and more efficiently when it’s cold out because they don’t have to worry about sunburns and staying hydrated in the sweltering heat. The only thing they’ll have to contend with is less daylight hours which they’ll easily be able to make up for.

  4. Less Landscape to Deal With

    In the winter, there’s no bloom, so you don’t have to worry about ripping up grass and flower beds to install the pool. Additionally, your pool installers will ensure that the area around the pool will still be able to produce flowers and greenery when it warms up.

  5. Ready When You Need It

    The most important advantage of installing your pool in the winter is that it’ll be ready for summer.

Contact us for more information about installing your pool in the winter. We’ll have you swimming as soon as it’s warm enough.




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