5 Chemicals You Should Never Put In Your Pool

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There are many benefits to investing in a pool for your backyard: it is a great way to exercise your entire body without having to put any unnecessary burden upon it; it’s fabulous way to cool off during the summer months, and it’s perfect for entertaining guests.

However, part of having a pool means maintaining it and ensuring that it is clean and free from bacteria.

While many products on the market promise to make your pool a beacon of cleanliness, they often do so with harsh chemicals – the reality of which can pose a threat to your health or can even damage your pool if you are not careful.

Here are the top five chemicals you should never put in your pool:

  1. Perfume, Sunscreen or Body Lotion.

    There is more to showering before entering the pool than the issue of cleanliness. In fact, it has been shown that when pool disinfectants mix with perfume or body lotion, it can actually create a toxic chemical that can be harmful to your health. Always shower before entering any pool.

  2. Too Much Chlorine.

    While chlorine is an effective means to sanitize your pool, too much of anything is a bad thing – especially when it comes to chlorine, which in large amounts can cause skin irritation or can aggravate asthma. Consider combining a small amount of chlorine with ionisers – this will work to sanitize your pool without having to rely on too much chlorine. Keep in mind that there are other chlorine alternatives all together, like bromine.

  3. Petroleum-Based Products.

    Some pool advice that has circulated over the years is that certain types of petroleum – like vaseline – can be used to oil the o-rings in a pool’s filter. However, any petroleum-based product will eventually destroy both your o-rings and filter and should never be used. Instead, ensure that lubricants are made out of either silicon or teflon.

  4. Impure Chlorine.

    Liquid chlorine is usually considered a very impure form of chlorine that is full of fillers. However, this can damage your pool cover by causing scale to occur, especially if your cover is of the automatic variety. Ensure that your chlorine is at least 96% pure.

  5. Shock (At Least Not Directly Into Your Pool).
    Shock, which is an extra large dose of chlorine, should never be added directly into your pool, otherwise it can ruin your pool liner. It will cause bleach stains and weaken it, which will eventually cause leaks. Ensure that you always dissolve shock in a pail of water before adding it into your pool. This holds true for any chemical: never add chemicals directly to water.

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