5 Custom Swimming Pool Ideas For Inspiration

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Swimming pools are great for families to relax, bond, entertain friends, and cool down during the hot summer months. Beyond that, custom swimming pools can transform a plain backyard into an area of visual interest, especially when designed by a professional with consideration of various features such as lighting, landscaping, and pool tiles, among others.

Here are some custom swimming pool ideas to help make your backyard a focal point:

  1. Traditional pools
    The conventional pool has a compact size, and comes in a range of styles to make your yard visually appealing. Common styles include the Bonython with its European charm, mosaic tiles and geometric silhouette, and the Midnight style that combines a dark glass-pebble interior with a white limestone coping as shown below.

    Traditional Pool Ideas

  2. Lap Pools
    If you have plenty of space to convert into a swimming pool, you should consider one of the several styles of lap pools available. These pools allow you to combine exercise and leisure with a range of features such as a beach area, a luxurious external edge, or a formal step entry for serious swimmers.

    The different styles of lap pools include Henley (as below), Parkview, Haddrick, Hillside, and Athlete, among others.

    Lap Pool Ideas

  3. Swim Spas
    These designs are ideal for inner city metropolitan areas with very limited space. Swim spas typically measure between 3 and 5 metres in length, though the sizes vary to suit different lifestyles. Essentially, they provide a cost effective way to own a pool with the added benefits of a standard spa.

    Swim Spa Ideas

  4. Pool & Spa Combo
    If you have a little more space, you may consider a pool & spa combo installation so you can enjoy your pool year round. The larger pool will let you exercise and cool off during the hot summer months, while spa is great for soaking in during winter.

    Consider getting an automated pool & spa controller to adjust the water temperature and manage pool equipment year round.

    Pool & Spa Combo Ideas

  5. Above Ground Pools
    With new technology, you can now install your pool anywhere you like – partially or fully in ground. Above ground pools are more cost effective, and you can even move the pool to your new home. These pools come in a range of shapes, styles, and models, and are ideal for sloping backyards or landscapes that are hard-to-access.

    Above Ground Pool Ideas

More Styling Options
You can accentuate your custom swimming pool with water features such as deck jets, waterfalls, laminar jets, sheer descent, and LED lighting to create a stunning backyard environment.

More Pool Styling Options



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