5 Tips To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

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Spring is here and it is time to start getting all of those seasonal accessories ready. If you have a swimming pool, that means getting your summer oasis up and running so you can enjoy it as soon as the hot weather hits. If your pool has been dormant all winter, there are some things you will need to do to make sure that everything is ready to go. Below are five tips for getting your pool ready for the summer.

Don’t empty the pool. This is especially important if your pool sits on a high water table. Draining a pool that sits high on a water table, especially during the wet months of spring when it is at its highest, can cause your pool to lift completely out of the ground and may mean you have to replace the entire pool. Pools need the weight of the water in them to make sure that they stay anchored.

Give it a clean. Give your pool a thorough “chemical open” before use. This means doing things such as assembling the filtration system, cleaning out the baskets, and removing any plugs that were placed in the pool when you were closing it up at the end of the previous season.

Top off the water. Many pools lose water over the winter so give it a quick top-off to make sure it is at its optimal water level. Also be sure to clean the filter before you turn it on so that you are not cleaning the new water with a dirty filter. Remove the cartridge and give it a thorough rinse with the hose. If it’s a D.E. filter, it may need to be broken down, clean and then put back together. If it’s a sand filter, you will need to set the filter to “backwash,” which will clean out the sand, and return it to its normal setting.

Get your water professionally tested. Take a sample of your pool water to a swimming pool store and they will test it to make sure it is safe to swim in. Many swimming pool stores will often provide this service free of charge. The staff can let you know which chemicals need to be adjusted to make sure your water quality is perfect.

Wait for the water to appear completely clear. The filter needs to be cleaned every day until the water is crystal clear. This should take about a week. You may need to incrementally add chlorine to the water until the process is completed. Once the water is transparent and you can see the floor of your pool, it is safe to remove the cover.

Vacuum up any leaves and debris that has collected over the winter and perform the regular tests and cleaning regimens over the course of the pool season and expect to get many more years of enjoyment out of your backyard oasis.



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