5 Ways Robotic Pool Cleaners Save You Time and Money

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A swimming pool is a great addition to any backyard. It adds visual interest to your landscape and provides a convenient way to exercise, relax, and entertain your friends. However, pool owners dread the cleaning process, which may need to be done every day, depending on the pool environment and frequency of use.

Fortunately, robotic pool cleaners can save pool owners time and money on maintenance in the following ways:

  1. Easy to operate
    Robotic pool cleaners come with on-board computer systems, multiple programming options, and their own filter components. All you have to do to clean your pool is switch it on, pick a cleaning setting, and put it in your pool. The equipment has brushes underneath the vacuum to facilitate suction, so brushing and suction take place simultaneously.

  2. Thorough cleaning
    The cleaner is pre-programmed to clean all wall and floor surfaces of the pool irrespective of the size. They provide superior cleaning compared to conventional suction and pressure pool cleaners. With access to every nook of custom designed pools and dual-action cleaning, robotic cleaners get rid of all micro granules of dirt that would be left behind by other automatic pool cleaners. This reduces the frequency of cleaning and saves you both time and money.

  3. Eliminates the need for surface cleaning
    As the robotic cleaner moves around your pool, it climbs up to the water line and sucks in any debris floating on the pool surface. For larger pools however, you may still need to scoop debris from the middle of the pool. Alternatively, you can purchase a surface skimmer for a completely automated pool-cleaning system.

  4. Water circulation for improved chemical balance
    Some robotic cleaners are designed to move the water around as they clean. The water circulation helps to improve the chemical balance so the water stays at a constant pH. This in turn reduces the need for continual tests to assess the chemical levels of your pool, and reduces the risk of algae re-growth, which usually results from chemical imbalances. Ultimately, you save time and money that would otherwise be spent purchasing chemicals to keep the water balanced or managing algae buildup.

  5. Eliminates the need for labour
    Whether you need to hire a fulltime pool cleaner or schedule weekly swimming pool maintenance services, having people on-site means wages, insurance costs, allowances, and other employee or service costs. Making a one-time investment in an advanced, energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner can repay itself in as little as one month.

Final note
Time is an invaluable resource in today’s hurried world. So having a robotic pool cleaner that does everything for you, quickly and efficiently, is very advantageous. However, you still need to schedule professional swimming pool maintenance services for thorough inspection and repair/replacement of the different components, to keep your pool fully functional.



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