6 Benefits Of Aqua Aerobics

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When you think of water aerobics, you might imagine that it’s mainly for elderly and injured people as a form of gentle therapy or rehabilitation. But in truth, aqua aerobics is for anyone who wants to get amazing health benefits. Water aerobics provides all the benefits that you can get from other types of exercises, and of course it’s fun. Here are a few benefits that can be derived from working out in the water.

Increased Muscle Strength

Water is a natural form of resistance and is in fact 4 to 42 times stronger than air, making it a far more effective medium for exercise. One study showed that people who did aerobics in the water for 12 weeks straight saw significant gains in muscle strength, flexibility and agility.

Increased Endurance

Because it is an aerobic exercise, water aerobics significantly increases your endurance. The natural resistance that water provides does more to build endurance than pushing and pulling. The body can move through the water rather than against it.

Reduced Pressure on Joints

Water aerobics reduces strain on the joints, unlike other forms of exercise, which can be very jarring and put unneeded pressure on the joints. This is especially good news for those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain, although it is of benefit to anyone.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Water is a natural stress reliever (which is why it is often used in various types of relaxation exercises), it is no wonder that people flock to the beach. Studies show that the more time you spend in water, the calmer you become. One study in 2007 found that water therapy significantly decreased stress levels in women.

Reduced Hypertension

Water aerobics also help to reduce instances of hypertension among patients. Water pressure works naturally with the flow of your blood and helps to improve circulation throughout the body. When blood pressure decreases, so does the heart rate, so water aerobics also improves heart health.

Cools Your Body

Spending time in the water helps to reduce the heat levels in your body, especially during those hot summer months. It is a good alternative to exercising in the hot sun, which can cause exhaustion or heat stroke, or in an enclosed area where the air isn’t the freshest.

Water aerobics is lots of fun and brings many benefits to the body. Water is a natural gym in itself and provides all the benefits of weight equipment. It is easy on the body and doesn’t leave you feeling burnt out. Of course, you need to have a pool if you want to have these benefits, so give us a call to see what your options are.



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