6 Health Benefits Of Sitting In A Hot Tub

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Many of us take advantage of hot tubs when we’re on vacation or enjoy a much needed day at the spa, but don’t realize that hot tubs actually benefit our health. Besides giving you a place to relax, you can improve your mental and physical health by sitting in a hot tub. Here’s what it does:

  1. Improves sleep:

    You’ve probably noticed that when you’re cold you can’t fall asleep but when you’re warm you’re able to enter a deep slumber the moment your head hits the pillow. By sitting in a hot tub before bed, you’re increasing your chances of falling asleep quickly and getting a good night’s rest with fewer interruptions. If you’re going to read before bed, might as well do it in your hot tub so that you sleep through the night afterwards.

  2. Reduces stress:

    Sitting in a hot tub promotes relaxation. The combination of the hot water, the massage coming from the jets and the feeling of weightlessness can put you in a very good mood. The better your mood, the less stress you feel. The less stress you feel, the less anxiety you experience. If you’ve had a long day at work and feel like your brain is in knots, take a dip in the hot tub and watch your stress melt away.

  3. Helps with arthritis:

    Skeletal problems like carpal tunnel, tendonitis and arthritis can improve after time in a hot tub. The buoyancy that the tub’s jets create allows our blood circulation to increase and our muscles to relax. Any inflammation of the joints is reduced and range of motion is enhanced.

  4. Controls blood pressure:

    When you’re in a hot tub, your heart works quickly to allow your body to evenly distribute the excess heat. While this is going on, your blood flow increases and extra oxygen is produced, causing your cells to dilate and lowering your overall blood pressure. Be careful not to go from the pool to the hot tub too many times, as that could have the adverse effect on your blood pressure.

  5. Invigorates skin:

    When you’re soaking in a hot tub your body’s circulation improves. Your blood is flowing better and delivering oxygen and nutrients to your skin. When you’re body is getting enough oxygen you’ll notice your skin has healthy, youthful glow.

  6. Keeps headaches away:

    If you’re plagued by chronic headaches, a soak in the hot tub just might be the cure you’re looking for. Migraine sufferers usually experience tension headaches before the onset of the migraine. When you’re in a hot tub, your muscles aren’t contracted and you’re relieving tension—thus, you’ll experience far less migraines. For those who suffer from cluster or sinus headaches, the steam of the hot tub can unclog your sinus cavities and nose to get rid of the congestion that causes those types of headaches.

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