8 Pool Decks With Beautiful Stone

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If you’re looking to add a beautiful stone deck to compliment your pool, you may not know where to start. Stone decks are durable and perfect for pool areas that deal with heavy foot-traffic. Unfortunately, you can’t create a deck with any old stone. There are several specific types of stone used to make pool decks.


This stone is made up of rich earth-tones and has a non-slip surface. Flagstone also resists heat, moisture and can handle the weight associated with constant use due to its high density.


This stone is actually a type of flagstone that comes in a variety of colors like black, brown, red, purple, green and blue-gray. Slate is great for those who want a more natural looking pool deck.


A hard natural stone, granite is often the preferred choice of pool owners. It repels water, and has an organic dark color that retains its shine and is durable.

Coral stone

This type of stone contains a mix of coral, shell fossils, sand and limestone. Coral stone is non-slip and can handle saltwater making it ideal for saltwater pools.


This stone is non-slip, water resistant and comes in a blue-gray color.


Limestone is usually the go-to for many pool designers because of its sturdy makeup and ability to handle extreme weather changes. This stone comes in an array of colors like tan, blue, gray, brown and pink.


This type of stone is heavy-duty and comes in light brown or red. For people who want a more earthy looking pool deck, sandstone is a good choice.

For inspiration, here are eight beautiful pool decks made of stone:

  1. If size is an issue for your backyard, try a smaller stone pool deck.

  2. Small Stone Pool Deck

  3. Stone creates a beautiful contrast to a backyard that is shaded by greenery.

  4. Beautiful Contrast To A Backyard - Shaded By Greenery

  5. Sometimes simple is the way to go.

  6. Simple Design

  7. A classic stone deck works well with limited space.

  8. Classic Stone Deck Work

  9. If you’re looking to keep the majority of your backyard’s grass intact, lighter stone works well.

  10. Lighter Stone Work To Keep Grass Intact

  11. Stunning blue waters? Go for a gorgeous stone deck to match.

  12. Stone Deck

  13. Complement serene waters and lush vegetation with the stone deck of your dreams.

  14. Lush Vegetation With Stone Deck

  15. Stone decks work well for pools that stray from the traditional rectangular shape.

  16. Stone Decks Work

A stone deck provides a beautiful accent to any backyard with or without a pool. However, stone always looks more beautiful next to the sparkling blue waters of a pool.




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