8 Tips For Opening Your Pool For The Spring

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Opening up your pool for the spring and summer months is one of the many pleasures that come with these two seasons. There is nothing better than anticipating being able to kick back and enjoy a cool dip and wash away the day.

Here are some pro tips on how to open your pool:

  1. Don’t Forget the Pool Cover.

    To protect it and prolong its lifespan, it’s a good idea to use a quality cleaner recommended by your manufacturer. Clean off the cover before removing it from your pool to minimize the risk of debris entering the pool.

  2. Don’t Neglect The Area Around Your Pool.

    When opening up your pool for spring, a lot of people forget to clean up around the vicinity of the pool. Get your broom out and clear away any fallen leaves and other debris so that they don’t eventually end up in your pool. This includes anything in nearby gardens as well. Also prune any trees that may be hanging above the water.

  3. Check for Leaks.

    Once you have turned on your pump and have water coming out of it, it is essential that you check for any signs of leaks around it. This is important because if you have any water that has collected under your pump, it will likely mean that your motor will eventually give out before summer is even over due to the seal leak.

  4. Pay Attention to Chemical Balance.

    Here is a handy guide to what kind of chemical levels you should strive for: chlorine (1.0 to 3.0 ppm), pH (7.2 to 7.8), alkalinity (80 to 120 ppm), and calcium hardness (200-400 ppm).

  5. Handle Chemicals with Care.

    When it comes to adding chemicals to your pool, there are two pieces of advice that you should never forget: chemicals should only ever be added to a running pool and water should always be added to chemicals before chemicals are added to water.

  6. Check Expiration Dates.

    Don’t forget to check the expiration date on your chemicals. If they are out-of-date, it is important to replace them with ones. Also replace your chemicals if they were not properly sealed.

  7. Add Chemicals in Small Doses.

    The best way to add chemicals so that they spread evenly throughout the pool and provide accurate readings is to add them in small doses while the filter is turned on.

  8. Handle Algaecide with Care.

    If you are using an algaecide that is copper-based, ensure that your levels of pH are balanced before using the product. This is very important so that you don’t stain your pool liner.

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