Adding Deck Jets To Create Your Picture-Perfect Pool

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Deck jets not only add to the visual appeal of your pool area, but also provide a fun, gentle, and soothing experience as the stream gently enters your pool. Compared to other swimming pool water features, jets arguably deliver the most tranquility to your pool landscape with the sight and sound of falling water, creating a stunning focal point, a playful family water park, or a romantic oasis.

There are many options available that allow you to integrate these breathtaking water effects in both subtle or dramatic ways, to transform your pool environment. But to achieve these effects, you need to ensure that the arcs of moving water originating from the pool deck are clear and uniform.

Typical features of deck jets include:

  • Water arcs shooting up to 2m high and projecting 2.5m into the pool.
  • Adjustable water height and direction to vary water effects.
  • Installations made flush to the deck so there are no unsafe or unsightly edges.
  • Ability to create blossom designs, water arches, arc rainfall, and other effects.
  • Low water pressure requirement for reduced impact on pump performance and expense.
  • Nighttime colour effects with a controllable, colour-changing LED lighting system.

How to mount a deck jet water feature into concrete or gunite:

  1. Place the plastic parts you need for the water effects in a safe place until you finish the pool hardscape.
  2. Leave the red gunite shield securely in the body to avoid contamination of the internal threads.
  3. Connect the supply piping to the PVC slip connection using the right size of bushing.
  4. Glue the bushing to the body.
  5. Secure the body to keep it from moving during concrete/granite placement. Drill holes in the horizontal flange and wire the body to the rebar.
  6. Ensure the tip flange of the shield plug is flush with the prepared surface.

If installing the deck jet water feature into the sidewall of a vinyl lined pool, you should:

  1. Cut a 2-3 inch diameter hole at the desired location above the water level.
  2. Put a gasket on the body before inserting it through the hole from the outside.
  3. Put the other gasket, friction ring, and nut and tighten
  4. Use a reducing bushing to adapt the supply piping

Useful tips:

  • The deck jet water feature should only be supplied with filtered water.
  • If adding more than one jet water feature, consider using a PVC ball valve to control the flow of each effect.

Final tip
Consider adding an LED light source to add colour to the translucent streams for a touch of elegance and entertainment for your poolscape.



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