The Benefits Of Using LED Lighting In Your Swimming Pool

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Traditionally, pool designers have used halogen light bulbs and white incandescent light to accentuate swimming pools. Indeed, a light system is one the best ways to add visual interest to your pool – even though the pool itself is a stunning backyard feature.

Recently, pool builders have realised that LED lighting offers a wider range of benefits for your pool while conserving energy and saving you money. Here are some reasons to use LED lights in your pool:

Energy efficiency
While incandescent and halogen lights are more affordable, LED lights are more energy-efficient. By reducing your energy costs, you achieve greater savings in electricity bills in the long-term.

Low maintenance
LED products generally require fewer replacement lamps, which means that you spend less time maintaining your pool lighting. LED lamps contain tough diodes that last 20 times longer than delicate filaments in a glass vacuum. This translates to 20 fewer bulb changes.

LED bulbs are designed to last for over 20,000 hours and produce light without heating up very much. This in turn saves the pool owner a lot of money on energy costs.

Set the mood
LED lights can be easily adjusted to fit different moods or seasons of the year, adding beauty, mystery, and excitement to the pool environment. Use bright light and vibrant colour effects to lift the mood of an event.

Digital control with multiple visual effects
LED lights give you an even glow of light in many different colours. Moreover, streaming these colours together can create strobe, rainbow, or timed colour effects. Depending on your choice of effect, you can highlight stunning features of your pool area – spas, jets, fountains, steps, waterfalls, baja shelves, or bubbles.

Increased poolside visibility and safety
The addition of LED pool, spa, or backyard lighting helps to provide illumination for increased poolside safety during night swimming or when entertaining guests. Proper lighting increases contrast and highlights transitions between stairs, walkways, pool and decks, and other hard to spot areas. Additionally, underwater lighting makes swimming at night safer and more enjoyable for yourself or when monitoring your children and pets.

Extends the life of your pool
With LED lighting, you can maximise on the usage of your pool even after night falls. Night swimming provides a unique opportunity for exercise without affecting your day schedule, while the ambient lighting can help you feel more relaxed.

Final note
LEDs have become the standard in swimming pool lighting, helping to set the mood and illuminate the area for nighttime swimming. It is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and worth the investment.



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