Can A Saltwater Pool Help Treat Eczema?

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Saltwater pools are becoming quite popular for a variety of reasons. They minimize the use of harsh chemicals, they are easy to maintain, and above all, they provide a number of health benefits that traditional pools simply do not. One of the benefits of swimming in saltwater is that it can be very beneficial for your skin, especially for those people suffering from eczema. Below are some of the ways that a saltwater pool can help treat eczema.

Before we get into the reasons how and why saltwater is good for people with eczema, it is important to note that extended periods of time submerged in saltwater, regardless of your skin condition, is likely to be incredibly drying, and is not something that you want to do on a daily basis. Short, controlled ‘dips’ in a saltwater pool, however, do provide some benefits for people with eczema. You should also make sure that the salt levels in the pool are properly balanced, whether it is your pool, or it belongs to someone else.

Saltwater is Antiseptic

The salt in seawater has antiseptic properties which are capable of reducing the risk of infections, which, as anyone with, or who has a child with eczema knows, is one of the more irritating things you have to deal with when you have the skin disorder. A dip in a saltwater pool can help cleanse the skin and mitigate the potential for infection.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Aside from the unpleasant look of eczema, perhaps the most uncomfortable thing about it is the inflammation and itchiness. There are few things more unpleasant than having to endure a long, hot summer while contending with eczema. Saltwater has known anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce swelling and relieve itching.

Softening and Moisturizing

While it is largely dependent on the type of skin you have, some studies have demonstrated saltwater to be a softener and moisturizer of the skin. However, as was mentioned at the beginning of this discussion, prolonged exposure to salt and saltwater is not going to be moisturizing, but very drying.

Whether or not a saltwater pool can “treat” eczema in the sense that it can make it go away, and prevent it from coming back, seems to depend highly on DNA and the type of skin in question. It seems quite clear that saltwater pools are able to provide relief, as well as preventative cleansing and softening of the skin, that could make dealing with eczema much less uncomfortable.



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