How To Create A Spa Atmosphere In Your Own Backyard

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Capturing the essence of a spa does not mean having to go to a spa; in fact, you can create a relaxing retreat that is on par with some of the best spas in the world in your very own backyard with just a little bit of effort. Here is how to bring tranquility and zen into your own home.

  • Install a Pool or Hot Tub.

    One of the primary activities at any spa is whiling away hours soaking in water, relaxing sore and tired muscles. Naturally, it makes sense to bring this into your own backyard with a pool or hot tub where you can escape at any hour you want. A spacious backyard isn’t required: Ferrari Pools can customize a pool to fit your exact size specifications.

  • Focus on Bringing in Water Features.

    There is a reason why water is such a central theme at spas: it is proven to relax people by hearing the sound of trickling water or even by by looking at it. Consider incorporating these water features into your own pool. Adding a waterfall to a pool, for example, is a great way to bring even more of the spa experience to your backyard. A hot tub is also a great option, allowing you to gain all of the therapeutic benefits of hot water and steam just like at the spa. Expert Tip: Keep fresh, white towels stockpiled just like at the spa!

    Ferrari Pools specializes in bringing the spa experience to you. Vanishing edges, a sun shelf, dive rocks, sheer descents are only a few options to make your pool more spa-like.

  • Comfortable Sun Loungers are Key.

    When you are not at a spa soaking, you are likely getting a massage. Having a set of comfortable loungers to relax in is essential. Rejuvenate from the privacy of your own sun lounger. Expert Tip: Relaxing spa sounds are an essential part of the spa experience. Get this at home with an outdoor stereo system.

  • Create Zen with Greenery.

    Spas incorporate a lot of greenery into their design aesthetic as a means to create a very zen experience for spa goers. You can easily achieve this same effect at home with hanging plants. You simply can never have enough live plants and flowers.

  • Invest In Outdoor Lighting.

    Spas prioritize lighting as a means to create ambience. Accent lights are a great way to provide just enough light for you to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of your own backyard. Outdoor living options, like fireplaces, are also a way to create ambience. Candles are never a bad idea, either.

The backyard of your dreams begins at Ferrari Pools. We are a premiere custom pool builder. Contact us today for more.



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