5 Daily Pool Cleaning Tips

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Proper pool hygiene ensures that your pool is always in the best condition for a quick swim. Pool maintenance involves a number of low-budget activities that should be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis to help you avoid costly repairs in the long-term.

Here are a few tips for daily pool cleaning:

  1. Check the water level

    This is as straightforward and effortless as it seems. A simple glance at the pool should be enough to determine whether the water is at the right level. If it is too high, the skimmers won’t function, and if it is too low, the skimmers will suck air in. To lower the water level, like after heavy downpour, you can use the “waste” setting on the multiport valve, use a small submersible pump or siphon the water using a hose.

  2. Inspect the pump and filter

    This is another simple activity that requires you to look at the filter pressure gauge reading. Normal pressure indicates that water flow through the filter is unobstructed. But if the pressure is lower than normal, it could indicate low water level, closed valves, full baskets or some other problem before the impeller. Higher pressure, on the other hand, indicates that there is a problem after the impeller, such as closed valves or a dirty filter.

    The position of the valve after the filter can cause system pressure to fluctuate. You should note that running the return water through a separate spa, solar heater or in-floor cleaners will create a backpressure that will, in turn, raise the filter pressure.

    If you have a transparent pump lid, you can take a peek to check how water is flowing through the pump as you listen for any unusual noises.

  3. Check chlorine and pH

    It is important to keep your chlorine and pH levels fairly constant with no peaks or valleys. The right chlorine level is 1-2 ppm, while the pH should be 7.4 – 7.6. If you can’t check these every day, try to do it two to three times a week.

  4. Check the pool cleaner

    If your pool cleaner runs every day for about two to three hours, it is important to keep an eye on the bag and empty it as needed. The cleaner does not need to be run daily to avoid wear and tear; one to three times per week for one to three hours should be sufficient.

  5. Inspect the baskets

    Pump baskets usually come with a clear lid so you can easily check the flow or if the basket is full. Empty skimmer baskets as needed for optimum skimmer efficiency.

    Also consider inspecting the fence around your pool to ensure it is sturdy and that the fence gates are properly locked. Any damaged sections around the fence should be fixed and any low spots that could allow a child or animal through should be filled in. Also remove any objects near the fence that an intruder could use to climb over the fence.



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