Five Most Unique Custom Pool Designs

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You’re ready to get a pool but you’re not sure if the vision in your head can come to life. Pools don’t have to be typical or created from the same cookie-cutter mold. You can have a unique custom pool design that fits your tastes and makes your guests ooh and ahh every time they come over to take a dip.

Here are the five most unique custom pool designs to inspire you:

Infinity or vanishing edge: Infinity or vanishing edge pools aren’t reserved for world class resorts, you can have one in your backyard. Pools of this nature create a visual effect that makes it look like the water is literally vanishing or extending into the horizon. What really happens is that the water that spills over the ledge is collected into a hatch that allows it to be pumped back into the pool. This type of pool is also referred to as a zero edge pool and is becoming more and more popular with homeowners.

Infinity Or Vanishing Edge

Freeform: Using curves to create their shape, freeform pools aren’t quite round but they’re not square or rectangular either. Freeform pools allow you to be very creative with the shape and style of the pool since it’s doesn’t adhere to a geometric configuration. Many freeform pools start as a simple doodle that comes to life after a meeting with one of our landscapers.


Natural pools: This type of pool can look like a lagoon, a lake or even a beach. Natural pools use stones, rocks, and greenery to create a modern oasis in your backyard. These pools can have a waterfall and look like you’ve stumbled into an inviting jungle wellspring every time you take a dip. Many people include a small hot tub portion at one end of their natural pool to create their own personal hot spring.

Natural Pools

Pool and Lounge: A pool with a recessed lounge area gives you a place to stay dry while you’re in the water. The lounge area allows you to eat, drink, read and entertain without getting wet. When you’re done relaxing in the lounge, jump in the pool and have a good time. The unique feature of a pool like this is that the lounge is built in to the structure yet the water cannot penetrate it.

Pool And Lounge

Lap pools: These pools are better suited for smaller spaces and have the added bonus of helping you stay fit. Lap pools come with a current stream that you can swim against to, you guessed it, do laps. Or, you can turn the stream off and swim anyway you want. Lap pools can also be relaxing and are great for people who are overcoming injuries because they can act as an in-home therapy center.

Lap Pools

No matter what your unique pool idea is, we’re sure to bring it to life. Contact Ferrari Pools today and let’s get your vision into your backyard.



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