How Do You Get Rid Of Algae In Your Pool?

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Algae are unwanted plant-like organisms that grows in pool water. It loves dark places where water doesn’t circulate well, like under the ladder, in corners, in crevices and in between pool steps. There are three types of common pool algae — green or blue, yellow or mustard, and black. As unseemly as it may be, algae are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. However, you need to get rid of it. Here’s how:

Brush it away.

You can easily remove algae with a large pool brush. The brushing action will aggravate the algae and put it into suspension. It may take all your might to successfully brush away all the algae, but if the growth isn’t too bad, the brushing should take care of it.

Shock it into submission.

When you shock your pool, it doesn’t mean sending an electric current into the water. What you’re actually doing is increasing the chlorine levels. To do so, you will need to add enough chlorine in its liquid or granular form to kill the algae. Besides killing the algae, when you shock your pool, you’re also killing other bacteria that may be living in the water. This process is also called superchlorination.

Invest in a good algaecide.

There are many algaecides available on the market, so ask a professional before purchasing one. Not all algaecides are created equal and it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right one for your pool. Once you have the right one, read the label carefully before applying it into your pool.

Filter like there’s no tomorrow.

Whether you’re using the brush method, shocking your pool or applying algaecide, you will need to clean your filters afterwards. In fact, you should run your filters for a minimum of 24 hours after brushing or shocking your pool. Any dead algae particles will get caught in the filter, making them easier to get rid of. You will have to remove the filter and give it a deep clean to ensure that all the algae have been removed. You can also vacuum the pool for added cleanliness.

It may take a few tries to successfully remove the algae, but usually, brushing or shocking your pool works. If your pool is still plagued with algae after brushing, shocking and introducing algaecide repeatedly, you will require the services of a professional cleaner.



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