If you have a small space but still want a hot tub in your home, we have another great product. The Hydropool 395 also comes in a 37 inch size as well as the 30 inch hot tub. It’s just a little bit larger but still a great option if you need a small hot tub.Hot tub dealers in Boston

Greater Boston has so many styles of homes and because of our rich history, many homes have been here for 100 years plus. Open floor plans were not a thing back in those days but if you want a hot tub for a smaller home, the Hydropool 395 is a great option. Even homes built in the 1950’s and 1960’s still had closed floor plans so this smaller version of luxury can still be a great option for house styles such as ranches and a Cape Cod style home.

You may also want a hot tub but have a small backyard. This product solves that problem as well. Small backyard hot tubs are a great option when space is limited.

So if you have small spaces and still want a hot tub, we’re ready to make that happen for you and your family.

Contact us today and let’s explore these options together.