The Hydropool Executive Trainer is one of the best swim spas on the market. And our swim spa experts are ready to help your dream of owning one of these wonderfully crafted endless pools a reality.

When our experts here in Massachusetts perform your swim spa installation, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to invest in one of these masterpieces.

The Hydropool Executive Trainer measures 220 inches in length and is 93 inches wide. It’s perfect for those who want to experience a whole host of exercise options. You can run in place, you can swim and with the rowing machine option, you’ll have that to keep you busy as well. And with the Aqua Fitness Kit, you can turn your swim spa into a gym. You’ll have one of the best workout options money can buy.

And if relaxing is high on your list, this multi-purpose swim spa is the perfect choice for your backyard. It seats 4-5 for a relaxing soak after a long workday.

What else can you get with the Executive Trainer? You have many other options including two sizes of exercise bars, cedar steps the EZ Ultra-pure ozone system and enhanced lighting systems.

And like every other Hydropool swim spa and hot tub, this one is self-cleaning. This swim spa is always working to keep your experience the best it can be, day or night.

Stop by our showroom just minutes from Boston and check out all the swim spa models we offer as well as our wide range of hot tubs. Our experts will find the perfect swim spa and all the options you’ll want and need.