Keeping your swimming pool or hot tub clean and safe should be a top priority. And when you are looking for pool care products near Boston, Ferrari Pools has everything you need to maintain your swimming pool and hot tub during the year. We carry products to open your swimming pool, maintain a clean pool during the season and the best products to conduct a pool closing. We have everything you need.

We are a proud BioGuard Dealer which means we have the best products to maintain swimming pools, carrying a full line of these pool cleaning products. BioGuard products carry an impressive reputation among swimming pool owners and these pool care products get great reviews from many in the industry.Swimming pool care products near Boston

When you come by our showroom in Shrewsbury, MA, you can speak with our swimming pool experts and they will guide you to the exact products you need to make sure you are keeping your custom swimming pool as healthy as can be.

You have made a substantial investment in creating your backyard paradise and you need to maintain it properly. You also need to ensure that family and friends are swimming in a safe waters and by using the BioGuard products we carry, you’ll be doing just that.

Some of the BioGuard Pool Care Products We Carry Are:

  • Clean Water Sanitizers
  • Shock Products to Remove Pool Contaminants
  • Water Balancing Products
  • Pool Products to Get Rid of Algae
  • Products to Open Swimming Pools
  • Products to Close Swimming Pools

Cleaning your swimming pool is not a one-time thing. Maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool is a regular part of owning a swimming pool.

We also carry a full line of hot tub and spa cleaning products. SpaGuard products carry the same reputation as all our BioGuard products. Everything you need to keep your hot tub or swim spa clean is at our hot tub showroom in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. From basic care and maintenance, balancing water to products that solve more complicated issues with the cleanliness of your hot tub. We have it all.

Want to speak with one of our hot tub or swimming pool experts? Contact us today or stop on by our showroom.