It’s that time of year again…when our kids go back to school, and warm humid days transform themselves into crisp sweater-wearing days. Our brains anticipate the wonderful colors of fall and the warmth of family-focused holidays on the horizon. And, we know it is time to transition from summertime activities to wintertime activities.

With that in mind, below we have included the latest pool closing information, and we have included a pool closing service request form. Download the form, fill it in and mail it to us today! Get the closing date you want by acting TODAY!

Your Pool Closing Includes:

  • Lowering water level with a high speed pump. If more than 100′ discharge distance is needed or water release complications exist, please let us know in advance.
  • Properly drain & winterize pump, filter and heater.
  • Quick rinse of cartridges. Professional Cleaning Service is optional (see below).
  • Winterize Plumbing Lines.
  • Add Winterizing Chemicals, Shock, Winter Algaecide, & Antifreeze.
  • Place your Winter Cover for a Full Closing.
Ferrari Full Circle Pool Service
2016 Pool Closing Request form

Important Information:

  • Ensure water is properly balanced prior to closing. ph., calcium, alkalinity.
  • Make sure pool is as clean as possible prior to our arrival.
  • If you will not be home, please make sure pets are secured and we have access to the pool area, water, electricity, pool cover, closing plugs & gizmo’s.
  • For a Partial closing the cover must be installed after we winterize the pool.
  • Filter cartridges should be thoroughly cleaned and stored in a dry place. We will leave cartridges out near the pool to be put away if we do not know where they are to be stored. If you would like for us to professionally clean your cartridges please select that option when you confirm.
  • Please check to confirm all power is off to pool equipment after pool has been closed.
  • Payment must be made in full at time of scheduling service.
  • Any outstanding balance on either Ferrari Pool or Ferrari Full Circle account must be paid before pool is closed.

If closing items are not accessible or payment has not been made then we cannot provide service. If you have any questions please call the Service Dept. at 508-329-5061 ext. 3 or email

Related Pool Closing Services

We offer a number of services related to pool closings. They are listed on the pool closing request form, and you can just check the line next to the service you want and include the service fee in your total. Two popular related services are:

Professional Filter Cleaning Service

It is essential that your cartridges get thoroughly cleaned.


  • Please be sure the cartridges are thoroughly cleaned before your spring opening. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for recommended cleaning procedures.
  • Filter cleaning products are available for purchase from our pool technicians. Please let us know if you need some in advance. You may also purchase filter cleaning products at our Shrewsbury Showroom.

Professional Filter Cleaning
We will pick up dirty filters from your closing and professionally clean them and return them back to you.

  • $250.00 – 1 set
  • $300.00 – 2 sets

Salt Generator Flow Cells

Flow cells should be acid washed to maximize effectiveness and clean off any residual debris. We offer this service at time of closing for an extra fee of $25.00. Please let us know if you would like this service.

After the Closing

After your pool is closed, double check to confirm all power is off to pool equipment.

Water LevelMaintain a Proper Water Level – Protect your tile, coping, and pool cover
We strongly recommend you pump out excess water before a winter freeze to prevent freeze damage to your tile & coping. Your water level should be down approx. 12″ from the tile but no more than 18″ below the top of your pool before a hard freeze. Heavy snow weight can displace your pool water under your cover, and this allows ice to form and potentially cause damage to your tile and coping. Ice damage is not covered under warranty. Water level should not be below 18″ from the top of the pool in order to avoid ice or snow damage to your Loop Loc pool cover. Ice or snow damage is not covered under warranty. If you would like to purchase a pump to lower your water level please let us know to have it delivered.

Please return your Ferrari Full Circle Pool Service 2016 Pool Closing Request form with your payment. Get the date you want by sending in your request today!

Your business is truly appreciated by all of us at Ferrari!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer & we look forward to seeing you in the spring!