It’s that time of year again, when we spend more time outdoors, enjoying our backyards, barbecues and pools, languishing in the warmer weather for as long as we can each day.

With that in mind, here at Ferrari Pools, we are gearing up for pool-opening season. Below, we have included the latest pool opening information, and we’ve included a pool opening service request form and a residential pool cleaning agreement form. They can be downloaded, printed, filled in and mailed to us. Get the opening date you want by acting TODAY!

Pool Opening Information

Full Opening – This service includes cover removal, reassembly of filter, pumps, floor system, and removal of all winterization plugs & reinstallation of wall fittings. We will start up and perform an operational check of all of your equipment. Chemicals and cleaning are not included but available at your request. Does not include pumping off of solid cover

Partial Opening – Includes the same service above with no cover removal. Cover must be removed prior to our arrival.

Optional Services Available

**NEW** Opening Chemical Packages – We are now offering Opening Chemical Packages with recommended balancing chemicals and algae treatment to get your pool chemicals started for the season. Packages are available for pools up to 25,000 gallons and pools over 25,000 gallons. Salt water packages are also available according to your pool size and salt preference. The Basic Balance package will provide your first initial treatment; we recommend testing your water throughout the season to maintain proper water balance.

If you would like a Basic Balancing package and/or Salt Water package included with your opening please make your selection on the service request form. Pricing is listed for each package and needs to be included with your opening total.

Please note our package includes one algae treatment; if excessive algae are present additional chemical treatment may be necessary. If you would prefer that the chemicals be delivered but not added to your pool please let us know by checking the check box on order form. If the box is not checked then we will add chemicals and dispose of packaging. We will perform a water test and only add what is needed; any extra will be left on site.

Season Chemicals – Maintenance chemicals can be delivered your opening at your request. Please select chemicals to be delivered on the form.

Spring Cleaning – Spring cleaning service is available and can be scheduled once your pool water has cleared. Spring Cleaning is charged at $145.00 per hour for each hour of cleaning. Cleanings are scheduled separately and typically completed within a few days after water has cleared. Although we will try our best we are not able to guarantee your pool will be 100% with one hour service

Vacuum Service Contract – We offer weekly and biweekly vacuum service, as well as monthly filter cleaning in select service areas. Please request this service on the back of your authorization form.

Service Repairs – Hourly Rate for repairs that can be performed during the time of your opening is $95.00 per hour. If repairs cannot be performed for any reason and a return trip is required then you will be charged our standard rate of $145.00 for the first hour then $95.00 Per Hour after 1st hour will be charged.

Please read the following instructions to be sure your opening proceeds smoothly

Water Level -Pool water needs to be filled up to the middle of the tile prior to our arrival. This can be done by opening a corner of the cover or placing the hose into the skimmer.

Access – We prefer that you be home but it is not required. If you will not be home please make sure of the following: *Gate is left unlocked. *Power and water are turned on to the pool area. *All supplies skimmer baskets, fittings, filter cartridges are accessible.

Pets – For their safety & ours, please confine all pets prior to our arrival.

Solid winter covers – Solid covers must be pumped off and any excessive debris needs to be removed prior to our arrival. If we pump off your cover an additional fee of $145.00 per hour will be charged to clear cover. Keep watch not to drain out pool water in case there holes in cover.

Payment is due at time of scheduling service – Please return the Pool Opening Authorization form as soon as possible. Please check your current email and contact information is correct. Invoice receipts will be emailed unless you notify us to mail.

If we are not able to open your pool because of any issues related to items above and have to reschedule a return trip fee may be charged.

After the Opening

After your pool is opened you will need to monitor filter pressure. Most filters will need to be cleaned within a week after opening. Pollen and sediment are the #1 reason for high filter pressure in the spring. Skimmer and pump baskets need to be checked and cleaned regularly.



Please visit our showroom located at 895 Boston Turnpike on Route 9 in Shrewsbury. We have free water testing and a full line of chemicals and accessories.