How To Resurface A Pool Deck

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Resurfacing your pool deck can be a do it yourself project. However, it is not a task you can do in one day, and it takes professional equipment to get it done. You will need the following equipment and tools: ear protection, a pressure washer, a shot blaster, safety goggles, plastic sheeting and a power washer. You will need the following materials: concrete stain, masking tape, bubble wrap, duct tape, micro-topping, deck stain, coping stain and concrete.

  1. Get the area ready
    Remove furniture and other items from the pool area. This includes your barbecue. Then, tape the bubble wrap sheets to the pool’s inside edge to keep it free of debris. If you have plants or a garden surrounding your pool, cover the greenery as well. Basically, if something near the pool area is exposed, cover it before you attempt refinishing your pool deck.
  2. Shot-blast the deck
    With the shot-blaster or power washer (if the deck is only lightly damaged), clean and sand the damaged concrete of the pool deck. Shot-blasting can be very dirty so make sure your mask and goggles are on when you do it.
  3. Fix the cracks
    If you notice any cracks in the concrete you can fix them with, you guessed it, concrete. This is hard to do if you’re not a professional. Be careful not to use too much concrete and to level out the surface, otherwise it will be uneven. Wait for the concrete to dry before moving on to the next step.
  4. Wash the surface
    Now that the concrete is dry, take the pressure-washer and clean the deck’s entire surface to remove any dust particles that have been left behind.
  5. Cover the area
    With the plastic sheeting and tape, cover any of the surrounding areas that are not part of the surface pool refinishing. For example, if your pool has a diving board it should be covered. The same goes for the exposed handles that are attached to the pool’s steps.
  6. Apply micro-topping
    This is a step that should be done by a professional. If you feel that you can manage applying a micro-topping to the area, make sure it is applied evenly. Then, let the surface dry for at least 12 hours.
  7. Colour stain the coping
    The coping is the material that lies above the tile line and covers the top of the pool’s structure. Like the micro-topping task, the colour stain needs to be applied evenly and requires at least 12 hours of drying time.
  8. Stain the deck
    Finally, stain the pool deck with an acidic concrete stain. This needs to dry for about 12 hours as well. Once it’s done you can remove the coverings and bubble wrap and go for a swim.

Pool deck resurfacing is not an easy job. If you can hire a professional to do it, please do so. It’s safer, easier and you’re guaranteed a job well done.



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