Seven Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Around The Pool

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Whether you have an indoor pool or an outdoor one, safety always comes first. By keeping your kids safe around the pool you’re protecting them from danger without sacrificing the fun of swimming. If you’re unsure how to keep your kids out of harm’s way try our seven tips:

  1. Keep your eyes on your child.

    Although it may be tempting to let your children swim unsupervised, don’t take them out of your sight. Your children aren’t mermaids, they’re people and they don’t spend all their time in the water. If necessary, get in the pool with your kids and swim with them.

  2. Floaties are a must for youngsters.

    Young kids need floaties. Flotation devices, like water wings or armbands, are necessary for children under five who’ve never had swimming lessons. You know that you can float in water but youngsters don’t. At least with floaties they’ll get some help.

  3. Keep life jackets at arm’s length.

    Life jackets save lives; it’s in their name. Your children may be old enough to swim without water wings, but that doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. Keep life jackets and first aid kits where you can reach them, so if anything happens, you’re ready to handle it.

  4. Learn CPR and other safety techniques.

    Having life jackets in reach is important and if you couple that with knowing how to do CPR, you’ll really be prepared for an emergency. CPR certification classes are available everywhere. Contact your local community centre for more information.

  5. Swimming lessons will come in handy.

    If you don’t have time to teach your children how to swim then hire someone else to do it. You can have an instructor come to your home for private lessons or join your city’s aquatic club. Being able to swim is a great asset and the younger your kids learn to do it, the better.

  6. Explain the rules.

    A great way to keep your kids safe around the pool is to make sure they know the rules. Explain why they can’t run near the pool and why they can’t dive into the shallow end. By giving them reasons why pool safety is important, they’ll be less inclined to break the rules.

  7. Clean up afterwards.

    After a long day of swimming the last thing you’ll want to do is clean up, but it’s a must. Just because your child’s had their fun in the pool doesn’t mean you can leave toys out. Cover your pool and pick up any toys and rafts that are lying around.

Now that you’re ready to keep your kids safe around the pool, it’s time to go for a dip. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.



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