Seven Ways To Upgrade Your Pool

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Installing your pool is an exciting new element for any homeowner, but after a few years the honeymoon magic you have during the first few years might fade. The good news? There are plenty of ways to rejuvenate your poolside area to bring back its original allure.

Looking to upgrade your existing pool but not sure how? We’ve come up with seven ways to turn your drab swimming area into a backyard oasis.

Lighting: Illuminate your pool from within with special LED lights designed for in-water use. Having a lit pool will make night swimming easier and give your backyard added pizzaz.

Greens: Adding shrubbery around the edge and surrounding areas of the pool can add color and shade. Stick with plants and trees that are indigenous to where you live and thrive around water.

Waterfall: A waterfall is an easy pool upgrade that adds a touch of class and fun. A waterfall looks luxurious and if you have kids, they’ll have a great time swimming under it. If you already have a natural pool, a waterfall is the perfect accompaniment. Or if you don’t want to go the waterfall route, try a waterslide.

Hot tub: Hot tubs are great because they offer a therapeutic benefit and a place to relax. They can be built into your existing pool structure or added onto the side.

Fountains: Fountains are the perfect pool remodel because like a waterfall they’re fun for the kids and look amazing. Where you put the fountains is up to you. You can have them sprout from within the pool, have them in the center or around the ledges. No matter where you choose to have the fountain installed you’re sure to be thrilled with how it looks. Just remember to remind your guests not to throw pennies into it. It’s your pool, not a wishing well.

Exterior: Resurface your pool deck to freshen up the area. Your pool’s deck can incur sun damage, crack and become stained. Resurfacing can take an old deck that’s been subjected to wear and tear and make it look new.

Interior: You don’t have to stick to the outside of the pool, you can change the interior too. Have your pool’s vinyl lining replaced and go with a different color scheme. If your pool has a concrete interior, have it updated. You can go with an aggregate finish and include river pebbles, glass beads and even quartz crystals for a durable yet gorgeous pool floor.

Remember that with any pool upgrade you won’t be able to use the pool for a few days while the work is being done. However, the pros outweigh the cons in any pool remodel scenario because sitting in your hot tub after a long day of work is always worth it!

For more information on how you can update your backyard into the perfect waterside haven, contact the Ferrari Pools team today!



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