We carry a full line or robotic pool cleaners at our showroom just outside of Boston. Just hop on Route 9 and head to Shrewsbury where you can find these and other products to maintain your swimming pool. We always have plenty in stock and they are ready to take home with you.Robot Pool Cleaners

A robotic pool cleaner makes owning a swimming pool so much easier when it comes to daily maintenance and Ferrari Pools carries some of the best robotic pool cleaners on the market. If you’ve invested in a custom swimming pool, you need to make sure you have one of these robotic pool cleaners.

We have a full line of Polaris swimming pool cleaners here at our showroom. Polaris is a leader in manufacturing some of the best swimming pool cleaners on the market and we’re proud to carry this line. They are dependable, built to last and do the job of cleaning your swimming pool very well. In short, we highly recommend them.

The robotic pool cleaners we carry save you time and money and help you spend more time enjoying your swimming pool rather than cleaning it.

Your new robotic pool cleaner will clean all types of pollutants that you don’t want near your swimming pool. Those include leaves, small twigs, pollen and dust and other elements from the atmosphere. They also filter out other contaminants that enter your pool from people swimming.

And for the most part, your cleaner is plug and play, meaning you set it up, drop it in your swimming pool and it gets to work for you.

We have these and many other products for swimming pools and hot tubs at our showroom on Route 9 in Shrewsbury. Contact us today or stop by during business hours and our swimming pool experts will help you chose the right robotic swimming pool cleaner for your pool.